Nurturing and Relieving Through the Natural Form of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a sister philosophy of yoga. It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and cycle of nature as well as its elements'. The famous quote inspires any human being who is totally aware of his or her health conditions. As one gets older and starts to face the reality of life, in a short span of time, everyone gets into following healthy habits as no one ever wants to be hungover at hospitals. I had been a tad bit late in realizing about health as I had been carried away by the luxury life where I always consumed junk and obesity had added more pounds to my body. Treating it away with allopathy would add more side effects and other diseases due to which I decided to give Ayurveda a try in my life. I had friends who had been ayurvedic doctors and they suggested that I end up at Aura ayurvedic spa resort where I could stay and get my treatments done. I had called and inferred the center where they had insisted that I meet the doctor who would be getting my appointment done for the actual treatment. I had not really informed my parents about the fact that I was going to Munnar where the center is located for treatment as I did not really want them to know about the insecurity I had on my weight as they had been on a concurrent check of an alliance for my marriage. In order to get a clear idea from the Popular Centers in Kerala for best Ayurvedic Treatment, I took an appointment on a Saturday where the dietician, as well as the doctors, checked on to my health conditions and certain health reports. After deciding what my body required, they asked me to return back the very next week where I would have to spend three continuous days in the center.

The dietician had inferred a  particular diet I had to follow which completely avoided junk. He had also asked me to keep it fit which was hard at a 9-hour desk job. But there was no better way than finding time for myself where I followed the instructions that had been given by the center. I took a drive to Munnar as the monsoon had been away and the tourist place seemed to have good weather. I reached the place in three hours where I  had booked a room in the center for my stay. I kept my backpack there and then decided to meet the doctor who clearly explained to me the importance and effectiveness of Abhyangam which my major ayurvedic treatment prescribed for obesity. There had been special rooms that had been allocated for spa and various other treatments. The aroma of medical essential oils remained in the hallway which seemed to be refreshing.

Dhanyamladhara was another treatment which has the effect of helping in reducing obesity but the doctors had asked me to take Abhyangam continuously for three days in every month for three months along with my diet control as I had been 90 kilos and the hope was that I could be saved through it. The treatment began as I got into the treatment room for the first session of Abhyangam. Each table had been separated by sheets and so there was privacy. The masseurs had been there were two of them gave the required instructions to be and I followed as they said. It was a 7 position therapy where both of them concentrated on several points of the body. The oil and the pressure put on my body was all I could feel when I had been there. The massage had been soothing and it went on for 45 minutes. After staying in the oil for few hours I decided to take a steam bath where I totally got rid of the oil from my body. I decided to take a walk around the resort as the pace had been more like a tourists destination that had possibilities for the nature walk at Munnar.

A lot of medicinal plants had been planted along the location as the oil used for the treatments are naturally produced in the resort. As I proceeded I also got to see the real beauty of Munnar unleashing where a lot of birds had been chirping. I spend some time clicking pictures of the beautiful destination and got back to the resort when it was the time for lunch. My lunch had been specifically served to me as per my diet plans. Morning and evening session of Yoga took place in the resort where I had enrolled for three days to get instructions regarding what I could do to reduce the bad fat in my body.  A Lot of stretching and common warm-up exercises had been added to my bag which I enjoyed doing. Most of the people who had been there had been taking several treatments from the center. Each day I took a session of Abhayangam and I began to feel a lot better. The weight would definitely have reduced in case I had taken efforts from the past. but this was the right time and the body had been reacting well to the treatment as well as the diet.  As three days passed by, the doctor insisted that I take a body spa which was free of cost as well. I had never been taken a spa due to which I decided to try. The Reviving Ayurvedic Spa in Munnar was open to all the patients there as well. After a single session, I got to now that most of us are not aware of the benefits we get from taking a spa. Especially for people like me who are stuck up at desk jobs, a spa in a month would be so many benefits. The treatment had come to an end where I had been feeling a lot more revived than when I had come three days back. that was indeed the benefit of being on an ayurvedic treatment as it would help in a lot more ways than what we are focusing on. The skin seemed to be rejuvenated and my body felt a lot more flexible. It had turned out to be a lesson which I had planned to continue for the rest of my life.


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