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Ayurvedic Tourism, a Fastest Developing Sector in the Medical Industry

Located to the southernmost end of India, Kerala is a magnificent land which enjoys a unique and rich geographical condition. The state is also one of the only places in the country where Ayurveda is practised as an individual stream of medicine. Kerala is a land that holds a rich history of Ayurveda dating back from about 5000 years which makes the state on of the best Ayurvedic destination housing some of the well-known Treatment Centres like Aura Spa. A number of travelers from around the world tour to Kerala just to explore the Ayurvedic tradition in the land. With the increase in trend of Ayurvedic tourism in the land, the state government with the Kerala tourism department organised a number of new projects. One of the main aims of these projects is to deepen the roots of Ayurvedic tourism in the land and thereby develop the state into an Ayurvedic hub. The state government have set up a number of Ayurvedic treatment centres in the land to attract the attention of the travelers…