Ayurvedic Tourism, a Fastest Developing Sector in the Medical Industry

Located to the southernmost end of India, Kerala is a magnificent land which enjoys a unique and rich geographical condition. The state is also one of the only places in the country where Ayurveda is practised as an individual stream of medicine. Kerala is a land that holds a rich history of Ayurveda dating back from about 5000 years which makes the state on of the best Ayurvedic destination housing some of the well-known Treatment Centres like Aura Spa. A number of travelers from around the world tour to Kerala just to explore the Ayurvedic tradition in the land. With the increase in trend of Ayurvedic tourism in the land, the state government with the Kerala tourism department organised a number of new projects. One of the main aims of these projects is to deepen the roots of Ayurvedic tourism in the land and thereby develop the state into an Ayurvedic hub. The state government have set up a number of Ayurvedic treatment centres in the land to attract the attention of the travelers from around the world. Most of the best treatment centres are located to the well-known travel destinations like the hill stations, backwaters or the beach destinations of the land.

Factors influencing Ayurvedic tourism in Kerala
Kerala is a land blessed with a unique climatic condition and houses destinations with rare soil structure which aids the growth of Ayurveda greatly. The backwater destinations of Kerala are one of the main tourist destinations which support the growth of Ayurveda in the land. With soil rich in minerals the place houses a number of rare and unique herbs with great medicinal qualities. The moderate climate of the state also aids the growth of herbal medicines in the land. Apart from the geographical and climatic condition of the state the rich history of Ayurveda in Kerala also contributes to the development of herbal tourism in the land.
Best Ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala
Being a herbal tourist hub the state houses a number of Ayurvedic treatment centres in the land which are set up in some of the best tourist destinations to attract the attention of the travelers visiting the places. Listed below are some of the best travel destinations in Kerala where you could enjoy the magical touch of traditional Ayurveda. 

1) Munnar, The misty hills with a holistic touch
Located on the Western Ghats Munnar is one of the most visited hill stations in Kerala which is known for its fascinating plantations and climatic conditions. Apart from the beauty of the hills, plantations and the climate, the place is also known to house some of the best Ayurvedic treatment centres in the land like Aura Ayurveda & Spa. Travelers visiting the hill station could enjoy a holistic touch of Ayurveda by enjoying the climatic condition of the place. The rejuvenation therapies offered in the land are one of the best where the travelers are allowed ease themselves from the stress and tension of the daily lives. Apart from being a well-known tourist destination, the place is also known for its herbal treatments.
2) Alleppey, A getaway to Ayurvedic tourism
Alleppey is one of the best explore backwater destination in Kerala which is explored by a number of overseas travelers. The place is mostly known for its backwater attractions like the coir and handicraft industries, the backwater villages and the paddy fields. Apart from all these natural beauties, the place is also known as one of the best Ayurvedic destinations in Kerala. It is mainly the richness of minerals in the land that makes the place a hot spot for Ayurvedic tourism. The Santhisukham Ayurveda Panchakarma Center, Visrutha Ayurveda Chikitsalayam, Green Roots - Ayurveda & Panchakarma are all the well known Ayurvedic centres in Alleppey. The treatment centres in the place are known to offer the best detoxification therapies and herbal spa which attracts the attention of the travelers. Nasya, Sweden, Panchakarma treatments are all the well-known herbal therapies provided in the place.

3) Marari, The beach capital with herbal centres
Kerala is a land which houses a number of beach destinations where Varkala beach is one of the best explored by travelers.  The place holds in a number of attractions which fascinates the travelers visiting the place like the museum near the beach, the boat rides, houseboat tours and more. Apart from the beauty of the place and the exotic view the place coffers the place holds in a number of Ayurvedic centres which attracts the travelers visiting the beach. Most of the foreign travelers visiting the place chose to enjoy an Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy in the herbal treatment centres of the land to experience the magical touch of Ayurveda in the land. Marari Ayurveda Panchakarma Center, Ayurbhadra Ayurveda is all the well known Ayurvedic treatment centres in the land which provides the best herbal therapies in the land.
Benefits of Ayurvedic tourism in Kerala
With the development of Ayurveda in the land, the state is to have great benefits in the economic condition of the state. It also provides the younger generation of the state with a number of job opportunities. With the development of herbal tourism in Kerala, the state government aims at attracting the foreign travelers and this increase the flow of foreign currency in the land which in turn would be beneficial for the economic growth of the state. It is mainly due to this reason that the tourism and hospitality department with the health department of Kerala organised different Ayurveda Packages which are cheap and affordable. With an increase in the development of the herbal tourism sector, it would also provide job opportunity to the educated younger generation of the land.

Ayurvedic tourism is one of the fastest growing industrial and tourism sectors in Kerala due to the easy availability of raw materials. With a number of travelers visiting the state to seek the Ayurvedic therapies, Kerala is now known to be the Ayurvedic center to the south housing a number of best facilitated herbal treatment centres. Most of the treatment centres in Kerala follow the ancient method of herbal treatment which is the one main reason for the medicines to be highly effective. For travelers who wish to experience the holistic touch of the ancient herbal treatment, Kerala will be the best destination you could choose.


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