Ayurveda: The Amazing Restoration of Body and Mind.

Ayurveda is known to be a way of living life in the healthiest manner ever. A journey through the wellness it provides to the people on their daily life is what makes them follow the do's and don’ts. And in order to add to the wellness of the place, all that one has to do was remain in the hub of the nature like that of Kerala where maximum Ayurveda centres are located.   I had been a third person when I had started to learn more about the benefits of Ayurveda. I had brought my parents to a Rejuvenating  Ayurveda Resort in Kerala as both of them had undergone an accident after which they had regular body pain. After researching enough about the procedure I did booking in a resort located at Munnar where both the treatment as well as nature is bliss.

There had been several packages that had been there in the packages which I had gone through, each of which had details regarding the ailments for particular diseases. We had opted for a three-day course package through which my parents could try their luck at it. The resort had been located in a lush green land where what surrounded the place was trees and plants. It had all been maintained perfectly too. As we got in. they served a special drink to us which seemed to be of similar taste, but it was a very healthy drink made from green leaves and medicinal herbs. The main motive of drinking it was to cleanse the body. Ayurveda insists that the people eat and drink healthy as it adds a lot of benefits to the people. They also ask the people undergoing their treatment to avoid non-vegetarian food and increase the intake of vegetarian food. Even though I had come as a bystander with my parents, I had been noting everything that was being told and done there keenly as it was of interest to me.

Quite a lot of recreational facilities had been set up there to involve the patients into it. They provided organic food to all the people residing there which was being farmed in the vicinity itself. They could volunteer and be a part of planting and be watering the farm here. Outdoor games had been set up there from where the people could get involved in exercising and sweating from it. It is said that a lot of impurities from the body get washed away as people sweat. The place where we had been also seemed very fresh and clean. One major activity in the Invigorating Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment is yoga. Even though a lot of other places in Kerala has yoga centres when it comes to doing it in the nature of Munnar, the feeling is different.  As my parents had body pain, they were taught few exercises which would help them reduce the pain. They had also followed it regularly as it was necessary that this time they could heal from the treatment that had been provided.

 As the major problem was body pain they had planned for three major treatments for my parents which would be done on all the three days of their stay. The first one was Shirodhara, the second one was Abhyangam and the third one was Pizhichil. The aim was the entire body of the patient. Pizhichil was done first where the whole body is massaged by experts in 7 positions. Other than the head, all the other parts of the body are thoroughly massaged. This helps in reducing muscular pain and other bodies ache. The oil which is used in all the three treatments is fresh medicated oil made from medicinal plants. And the smell of it is incredible. One would feel extremely fresh on breathing the smell of this oil. The second treatment done was Shirodhara. Here, the only focus is the head. Oil is poured continuously on the head which basically helps in getting rid of headaches and insomnia. Other than oil, milk and even water is also used for the purpose. Also, one major speciality of Ayurveda is that it helps in healing a number of health issues if done carefully. Abhyangam is where the pressure on the body is removed by continuous massage of 45 minutes. Nerves, muscles and even joints were being healed through this massage. On undergoing these treatments and following Yoga, my parents had been feeling a lot better and rejuvenated. In fact, even in their older age, they were ready to bring changes in order to remain healthy. And the difference could be felt in just one day of the treatment. Even if a person does not have any health issues, taking an Ayurvedic spa or massage makes a great deal of change in the lives of the people. The aura of it is added to the lives of the people.

At the end of the day, they would also do a steam bath to get off the oil from their body before sleep. They had provided a soap which seemed to be made from herbs too. It was not foamy like the ones which we usually use at our homes. In fact, everything that had been provided there seemed to be made of natural things. What they insisted to the people was that they follow a holistic way of living where they do not harm themselves or other living beings. The intake of junk and fast food are said to have brought a lot of health problems both in the youngsters as well as in the adults. Hence once the treatment is over, they insist that the people follow a systematic way of living in order to avoid other health problems. Also, for a result from it, people should see to it that they do the suggested exercises on a daily basis. No side effects come in the way of the people through Ayurveda. The destination like that of Kerala where nature bestows the people help more in healing. In fact, when people come on a Nurturing  Kerala Ayurvedic Packages, they come with a mentality of sacrificing some bad habits of theirs like sleeping late night. The aura of both the place and the treatment makes the people recover quickly comparatively. In order to remain healthy one has to make sure they have sleep minimum 6 hours at a stretch. It is only by following all these can the people feel the change or the benefit of Ayurveda. As I had witnessed all these, I had gained an interest in it and hence, started to follow it all. Yoga is a part of my life now and I take an ayurvedic spa every month to get rid of tiredness and to feel much more active and lively.


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