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An Ayurvedic Experience by Rejuvenating and Reconnecting with Nature

Located to the south, Kerala is one of the well-known travel destinations that grab the attention of the tourists to a greater extent with its immense beauty and moderate climate that the place holds within. Apart from the beauty and the climatic and geographic condition of the state the one other thing that entices the travellers to a greater extent is the uniqueness in the travel destinations of the state like the backwater destinations in Kerala. With the saline marine water mixing with the fresh waters in the lake, the inland water destination in the state was one of the most unique natural attractions in the land that enticed the travellers in a number of ways like its rich greenery and the availability of a number of coconut plantations and houseboat services. Apart from the beauty of nature, the plantations and the houseboats it is mainly Ayurveda that flowers in the place that makes it one of the best travels spot to the south. Kerala being a state to the south with the oldes…