Ayurveda And Its Sinless Way of Living Life.

Knowledge is something that evokes anyone to bring the wellness of it into our lives. And the recent read I had done regarding Ayurveda and opened a window where a lot of life benefitting factors of the same has been open to me. This helped me a lot in bringing about a lot of changes that would help me attain a healthy body and a much healthier way of living life. The best decision I had taken was to make both my dad and mom a part of this journey where after I had got all the required information, I took my parents for an ayurvedic vacation to Munnar. An Ayurvedic center in Kerala is located at the place which was indeed the best place that could educate me regarding the same. A synopsis of what and all does good for the body and what does not have been learned from the place, where everyone present there had become cautious of leading a healthy life. What comes beneath is not regarding any particular treatment, instead, it is about the effect Ayurveda can have on the entire life of the people who see to it that they imbibe its goodness. 

The center was more of a place that could give a holistic outlook on look where, as I reached the place with my parents, we got to see people practicing yoga. we were taken into the room where we had decided to stay for a day. A lot of activities had been taken place where we had been sent a mail that had all the details regarding the same. Both my parents had to go through the similar type of course while I had some extra activities in the same which would be helpful in keeping the youthful part of the life, a lively one. We met the doctor who suggested us what had to be done and we decided to follow it as said. A chart for three days had been made where we had all the activities jotted in it. We had missed the morning session of yoga but we began with the class that was being provided about Ayurveda. It dealt with the basics where the terms: Vata Pitta and Kapha and the meanings were being taught to us with a lot more of other details on how it is vital in our lives.

The lunchtime was when we realized that the sort of food that would be served to us on all the three days would be a 100 percent absolutely good diet that follows healthy living. We were not told that we will have to stop eating non-vegetarian food, instead, we were asked to include more of fresh vegetables and fruits and have a complete meal by not just hogging in rice. It was what had been served to us as well where the taste was what we had to bring to the vegetables. Portions of rice, paratha, fruits and vegetable gravy had been our food where they also gave us a class to make the food healthy and delicious at the same time. Each meal hence comprised the nutrients that the body required on a daily basis.

Most of the people do not have the right amount of information regarding how much a spa can help them in so many ways. The guide to this had been provided here as well where we had been made to understand it through a spa session on each day. The first and foremost help it does to the body was to put the body in complete rest. The whole body is cleaned through scrubbing and exfoliating where we feel like the skin has regenerated. The skin softens up as well. The aches and pains on several parts of the body alleviate and it helps in feeling fully fit after just one session. In case there is any amount of stress in the body, it gets removed where we tend to be more fresh and happy. It also helped to enhance sleep at the night time. It turned out to be a great experience where a spa should definitely be taken in a month as it basically cleanses the entire body which I had realized from my session at the Ayurvedic resort in Kerala.

While my parents had been more into Yoga and meditation, I had been indulging in the other activities like the outdoor games. While a small jog had been instilled into the daily life, a small match of the game would also help in increasing the internal activities in the body which is again very important for one's healthy living. It had been helping in dealing with shedding out the wastes from the body. The doctor also took a class regarding why it is always important to rise up early in the morning and also to sleep early in the night. It deals with the right energy entering the body and the proper aura that is being channelized to the body through a simple act of following it as well. This was also something that was to be practiced throughout where we would be aided by a lot of help in the future. The doctor had indeed told us that it is one of the most vital parts of life that one should be following. Ayurveda indeed recites itself as being the art of living where it helps in making the daily life much better.

On completing the course of three days we had been facing life with a different mindset where the Ayurvedic spa center in Kerala had instilled in us, the essence of leading healthier lives. The modern world diseases have been of concern which has been caused by a lot of lifestyle issues like eating the wrong food, not giving the body the required amount of exercise and rest and leading an ignorant life. All that is required is some concern on pampering oneself with the right amount of care. The lessons had been learned from the center and a return was bound for the spa facility that was being provided had the soothing effect that helped the body to relax and rise up with double the energy.


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