Ayurveda the Ancient Treatment of Kerala that Works out Miracles

Ayurveda is a form of treatments which is believed to be the harmony of body mind and soul of an individual. The treatment is not about the physical well-being of an individual but the therapy promises a holistic wellbeing of the individual. The Vedic works of literature on Ayurveda repeatedly say that the herbs and oils used in the therapy and treatments are great medicinal values. The history of this herbal treatment traces back to the age of the Vedic’s who clearly without a doubt instructs to maintain a healthy lifestyle by fighting illness through different therapies like the use of herbs and oil as medicines, massages, diet control plans, and exercises. One of the main and primary aims of Ayurvedic therapies is to eliminate the toxic elements from the body. The system or the body of an individual is said to be purified when the body eliminated the poisonous elements. As a result of eliminating the toxicity from the system, the chances for an individual to fall ill are minimised. The Ayurvedic massages and treatments which are provided in the treatment centers help the individual reduce stress and tension the rough massages and helps in rejuvenating the body soul and mind of the person. Kerala is a state which is believed to have inherited these traditional ayurvedic treatment methods. As a result, the land holds a number of Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centers. One of the main reasons for the state to top in herbal treatment is due to the fact that Kerala is the only state which takes Ayurveda as the mainstream treatment.

The ancient Ayurvedic scripts that the state holds has a number of written documents which are considered as the major writings in Ayurveda like Charaka Samhitas which contains the writings on medicines, Sushrutha Samhitas which contains details on different surgeries and finally Ashtanga Samgraha which explains the basic principles of life. These three main ancient writings of Ayurveda says that each individual has a constitution which is unique and every system or organ has some energy which is related to this constitution and it is very important to maintain an equilibrium with them both. The balance of the body mostly get affected when an individual is sick, the main aim of the Ayurvedic treatments are to re-establish this balance of the body to maintain the perfect health of an individual. Kerala being a land known as the Ayurvedic hub houses different Ayurvedic treatment centers like Aura Ayurveda & Spa which offer a number of packages to attract tourist visiting the land. Treatments from Uzhichil and Pizhichil to treatments that cure the illness like arthritis to beauty treatments like skin and hair massages one could never find a better place better than Kerala to take advantage of the ancient herbal treatments. The feature that makes Kerala the Ayurvedic hub of the country is due to the geographical condition of the land which helps in the growth of medicinal herbs like Ashwagandha, Katphal, Bharangi, Shankhupusham, Amalki, Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, Cinnamon, Kilukillapa, Turmeric, Koduveli, Keezharnelli and much more which are of great help and use in Ayurvedic treatments.

 Ancient Ayurveda as the harmony of body mind and soul
Rooted in the ancient India around 5000 years ago, Ayurveda or the herbal treatment mostly referred to as 'the science of life and long life' is believed to be one of the oldest health-care treatment in the world. The Ayurvedic treatments are the combination of fundamental thoughts or ideas of the medicine and the philosophy. From the ancient times, this herbal treatment has always supported in the complete well being of humanity in the world by aiding the spiritual mental and physical growth of every individual. At present world, Ayurveda has developed greatly to become a unique and independent branch of medical treatment which is an entirely natural system which depends on the response of the body humor of any individual which includes Kapha, Vata, and Pitta, the elements that facilitate the right body balance.

Kerala as the Land of ancient treatment
Kerala is a land which holds in an unbroken tradition of this ancient herbal treatment which has excelled by spreading widely among the foreigners and the natives in the world. For the last hundreds of years when there were no other treatment methods the traditional practice of this ancient herbal treatment was the only answer for individuals who are suffering from different types of ailments in Kerala. The Ashta Vaidyas which were believed to be the legendary families of the treatment and their successors helped the entire state will different illness for centuries. Unlike other states in India, the Ayurvedic treatment is not an alternative stream of treatment but is considered as the mainstream treatment. Now at present Kerala is the only land which still practices this ancient method of treatments with complete belief and dedication. Being the only state that provides Ayurvedic treatment for the people the Vaidyars in Kerala was challenged to render the Ayurvedic theories and use them effectively in the curing system of daily life and hence it is believed that most of the traditional procedures and rules of Ayurvedic treatments have taken birth in and around the state.

Ayurveda the Boon of Kerala
The unique climate, the rich availability of forest and vegetation and the varying seasons of Kerala provides the best geographical ambiance for the restorative and Curative Ayurvedic Packages. Kerala is most probably one of the very few places on the planet with a temperature of 24-28 degrees which is maintained throughout the year even with the continuous rain. Thus the presence of moisture in the atmosphere and on the surface of the earth makes Kerala an ideal place for the herbal medicines to grow with maximum medicinal potentials. The land is also blessed with a unique collection of herbal medicines which provide enough medicinal materials for the continuous and stable treatment methods. Different groups of medicinal herbs with same medicinal qualities are grown every year during specific seasons providing fresh herbal medicines every year for different treatments. The richness of the alkaloid in the soils of Kerala helps in enhancing the medical quality and potency in the herbal medicines as compared to the medicines grown in other states with different soil texture.

 Ayurvedic treatments, advantages in Kerala
One of the major advantages of Ayurveda in Kerala is the use of the treatment method called the Ashtangahridayam which is an easy and practical method of Ayurvedic treatment which was put forward by the well-known sage Vagbata. The treatment method is very rare that it has not been in use anywhere around the world but is particularly done in Kerala. The doctors in Ayurveda or the Vaidyars in Kerala have great knowledge in this traditional treatment method of Ayurveda which a number of scholars consider as a progress in the inscriptions of Charaka, Ashtanga Samgraha and Sushrutha which are considered as the basics of Ayurveda. Kerala is the only land with Kashaya Chikilsa otherwise called the treatment with the concoction as a standardized code of conduct which involves a number of Kashayams which are scientifically proved, classified and organized on the basis of different treatment needs.  The Vaidyars of Kerala where the first to concentrate on the toxic and poisonous elements of Abhyangam, which once lead to the abundance of Kizhi.

 Kerala is now the land with the largest number of colleges and practitioners that promotes Ayurveda as the mainstream treatment compared to any state on the planet. Ayurveda in Kerala is not a mear health care system but an integral part of an individual’s life. This ancient magical treatment method has shown miracles where major diseases cured and paralyzed individuals walking. These are miracles that even happen in today's world that inspires people and brings in respect for the ancient treatment method and the Vaidyars in Kerala


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