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In this era when fashion and beauty plays an important role in developing an individual’s personality and standers, having a face with marks and pimples are not acceptable by most of the younger generations irrespective of sex. Both men and women take great effort and care in maintaining the natural beauty and the grace of oneself. Individuals who are not able to maintain the health of their skin make use of different beauty products and cosmetic items. Different forms of treatments methods are available now for beauty treatments, including acne and pimple treatments. There are a number of Rejuvenating Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala that facilitates this option for people with a pimple and acne problems. There are many natural remedies and treatment which one could easily try at home. Irrespective of age or sex both men and women make use of this treatment methods have a clear and flawless skin. Natural medicines and herbs are the main ingredients used in preparing the medic kit required.

 Some of the basics in attaining a clear skin are by washing your 2 to 3 times daily to keep away oil sweat and dirt from the surroundings. It is important to keep your hand and nails away from the pimples touching or scratching it will make it more aggressive. You should always use a clean towel to wipe your face so as to prevent bacteria from spreading to other areas of the face. Use clean pillow covers and use good quality cosmetics to keep your skin safe.  You can also some other natural ingredients like herbs and fruits to attain a glowing skin.

Some of the main ingredients that are beneficial for skin are listed below:

Tulasi is an herb with a lot of medicinal values and uses. It is used as a main in ingredient in almost all medicine prepared in Ayurveda. The herb is considered sacred in Ayurvedic traditions for its healing properties. It is one of the best plants to treat for acnes, pimples, and blemish of skin. The paste of Tulasi is a great way getting rid of pimples. All you have to do is to crush fresh Tulasi leaves adding a bit of water and making it into a paste form and applying it on your face. You could wash the paste after 20 min. regular use of this paste will give you an evident result. If fresh Tulasi leaves are not available then you are free to purchase crushed Tulasi leaf from the nearby mall.

 Indian gooseberry or Amla is a fruit that everyone would have had at least once. It is also a very useful herbal medicine used widely in Kerala. Amla is also known as the elixir for skin which removes excess sebum, fights bacteria that cause pimples and reduce the darkness of acnes eventually making it disappear. You could easily make use of Amla by simply making a paste out of it and applying it on your face. You could wash the pack after a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes.

 Honey is another natural ingredient that one can use to reduce the pimples and acnes. One could feel a burning sensation while applying the material, due to the presence of open pores on the face. For best results, one could use this remedy on regular basis. You can also mix honey with fresh lime juice to get a better result. This pack is mostly used by people with an oily complexion.

Cinnamon sticks and Cloves
These are spices mainly used in all most all Indian foods these are also used for medicinal purposes in most of the Refreshing Ayurvedic Centers in Kerala. You can finely grind the cinnamon after dry roasting it and use it as a medicine for the treatment of pimples and acnes. You can also make use of it as a face pack by mixing it with honey or Luke warm water. You can also use clove in a similar way but gloves would have a burning sensation when applied to the soft sensitive facial skin

Turmeric powder and turmeric products are widely used all over Kerala for different purposes including medicinal and as a must ingredient in food and curries. Turmeric powder and turmeric stick many medicinal uses of its own. It kills the bacteria and germs on the skin and gives a glowing skin complexion. Turmeric is an antifungal and anti-bacterial Ayurvedic medicine used to prevent bacterial infections. For normal and oily skin it is the best to use turmeric powder mixed with water and apply it on the face, once dry you could wash it.
For dry skin, it is the best to replace honey with water to get a better result.

Neem leaves
 Fresh neem leaves are widely used medicine for skin treatments, mostly pimples, and acnes. You could easily make a neem leaf paste by boiling the leaf and then grinding or crushing it. To make a paste out of it, you could apply the paste in the affected area. Regular use of this paste would give a better effect.

Potato and Papaya
It is a veggie used mostly in all Indian food materials; it could also be used as a medicine in the treatment of pimples and acnes. The peel of the potato can be used as the main material for this treatment. Potato peels are applied on face, it's important to make sure that different peels are used in different parts of the faces. This is to prevent the bacteria from spreading to different parts.
Papaya is another natural ingredient one could use in the treatment of acnes and pimples. Papaya facials and cleanups are widely used to treat pimples and to retain the glow of face and skin.


These are some of the most used and easily found Ayurvedic medicines in Kerala. In this era where beauty and charm plays an important role in a person life both men and women, one could easily make use of these medicinal plants and remedies to maintain the beauty of the face and skin. Kerala has a number of a Stunning Ayurvedic Spa in Kerala like a broad bean in Munnar that allow the rejuvenation and refreshment of body mind and soul. A body that possesses a young mind will always have a glowing skin


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